Zash Global Media and Entertainment

Ted plans to disrupt the entertainment industry yet again as co-founder of his latest venture, Zash Global Media and Entertainment. Zash is an evolved network of synergetic companies, apps, sites and studios that together, provide a 360° marketing ecosystem. Bringing together Ted’s expertise in strategic development, marketing, and consumer behavior with the highest minds in user generated content and social monetization, Zash’s ability to create and distribute personalized marketing content for the digital age is unparalleled.

Ted has said, “Zash was formed to not only drastically reimagine today’s global entertainment marketplace, but also to combine first-class talent, resources and technology, allowing acceleration and growth in this dramatically changing environment.”

Using breakthrough models, analytics and modern technology fueled by rich data and Ted’s industry expertise, Zash ensures that target audiences are reached at the optimal moment. In addition, Zash has built a proprietary Influencer Platform, with a follower network of over 350 million and over 2 billion video views.

In early 2021, Zash announced plans to merge with Vinco Ventures, an acquisition company focused on digital commerce and consumer brands. Through this merger, Ted plans to accelerate growth of live-streaming content, video sharing, and distribution and production, furthering his reach into the disruption of entertainment as we know it.

Included in the Zash-Vinco merger is Lomotif, TikTok’s chief competitor in Asia of which Zash now owns a majority-stake. Lomotif, with over 350 million user-created videos per month, has increased its average monthly community by more than 400% in the last three years. Lomotif is currently building an NFT marketplace for its creators that will change the landscape of short-form video. Ted plans to not only expand the short-video platform into the US and worldwide, but increase monetization with Lomotif by shifting its model to an advertising-focused approach.

Ted’s future plans for Zash are expansive, aiming to provide entertainment options to cover all areas of digital media, phone, TV, and the internet, including bringing older media (like syndicated television) into the digital age. Keeping Zash at the forefront of change, Ted continues to evolve alongside innovation.